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Any confidence I had has been completely shattered after botched extraction

Hi there and thank you firstly for taking the time to read this. straight in there then I guess. I had a tooth out last year and to say it was a bit messy would be a joke. the numbing stuff didn’t work properly or there wasn’t enough on and the tooth didn’t come out easily- put simply it hurt like hell and lasted longer than it should. the thing is I was never too clever with dentists as it was but as a result of that I haven’t been back since (considering this was about a year and a half ago!) I feel like any confidence I had has been completely shattered. would going to another dentist work do you think or is there anything else i can try n order to build up a bit of confidence?
Anything will help I assume.. Cheers

hello Im sorry that you had a bad experience , its not surprising that you have avoided going back .This may have been an isolated experience , sometimes if teeth have been very infected its more difficult to get them numb , and some teeth which are brittle or broken down do take longer to remove .
However if you have any doubts about going back perhaps its better to change , as you may have lost trust in that particular dentist , even if they didnt actually do anything wrong .
The best thing you could do is to try to avoid having any more extractions , however if you do then you should tell the dentist your teeth may be tough to get out , that you need lots of local anaesthetic , and perhaps have some sedative medication .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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