Bulimia wrecked my teeth, what do I do now?
4th August 2011

Iam 21 and have terrible teeth, someone 99 probably has better looking teeth than me, it really affects my everyday life and makes it unable to talk to people. I have a extreme phobia of the dentist due to bad experiences as a young child, meaning I haven't been in over 10years, also I had bulimia at school resulting in a mixture of these means I don't have 1 nice tooth, since Iam only young I know my teeth will only get worse so please advice me on how to over come this fear because I know i need to act soon.

A. Hello, well done for starting to get help for your problem . If you can get to a dentist to at least let someone have a look that would be a start . Your experiences as a young child have left bad memories , but as an adult these experiences don't have to be repeated . dentists are trained to recognize that bulimia may damage teeth , but only by having them looked at can you find out the facts about the condition of your teeth .

Dental Phobia

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