Can dentists offer sedation when fitting dental implants?
22nd July 2011

Hello Doctor, Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I have suffered from dental phobia for a number of years now, which has meant many missed dental appointments, and therefore a very poor level of dental health at the moment. I definitely feel that at least one tooth should come out before it causes any damage which worries the hell out of me and I would like to replace that tooth with an implant, which scares me even more! I was just wondering for this procedures is sedation possible? I feel if i was knocked out it would be a lot easier to deal with the situation and I have severely learnt my lesson and feel that my dental health will become a priority in the future. Could you recommend any clincis with sedation in the country? I live in Leeds so anywhere near there would be best but i really feel that I need this treatment and sedation so I would travel further if i had to. thank you very much for your time and any help you can give

A. Hi yes its possible to have sedation for extractions , and also having implants placed . First steps first , you need to have an assessment . You say you keep missing dental appointments , and thats' something you need to tackle . You have taken some steps to try to change things and get help which is really good . Implants should be done where the general dental health is good , and gums are in good condition so you may need some other treatment as well . Im sure that there are suitable dentists in Leeds , I suggest you google , Dentists in Leeds , Sedation , Implants , and you should getsome leads

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