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Can I ask my dentist to refer me to a dental hospital?

I took the first step today by going to a dentist
they gave me some antibiotics which I need to take but when I finish the course of antibiotics I still can’t let the dentist look at my teeth properly so they can clean them. I have got a lot of tartar on them, can I ask the dentist to refer me to the dental hospital to have my teeth out?

You need to ask yourself if having your teeth out is what you really want, and start from there .
For the dentist to refer you for extractions they need to examine you and talk you through your options and the implications of this .
I.e what you will have to replace the teeth ?
If you have them all out with general anaesthetic at the dental hospital , you would probably have to be without teeth at first while waiting to get healing to get false teeth.
Have you considered finding a practice that carries out intravenous sedation?

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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