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Can I avoid needles and dental dams when having a tooth extracted?

good afternoon Simon-
– I think I may have to have a tooth extracted. I have a real sharp/aching pain in my second to back molar on the bottom right side of my mouth, I don’t like dentists that much but I can put up with them for check-ups and even the hygienist although I have to sit up regularly and have a breather to calm down. however I cannot stand needles and even worse are those sheets/dams they put over your mouth, I cant have one of them. Can you tell me about ways of having a tooth extracted by avoiding both these things? If you could that would be great and I would greatly appreciate it, thanks

Hello – you are one of many.

There are many ways of helping you with your anxiety, ranging from CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy), to anxiety relieving tablets (either herbal such as rescue remedy, or prescribed from your Doctor), or sedation by a dentist or anaesthetist.

I would suggest you make an appointment to discuss this with your dentist and see which they think might be best for you – then you can make an informed/calm choice.


Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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