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Can I avoid the pain in needles? They make me faint!

hello Doctor

I was hoping I could find some information on ‘pain-free’ injections. I really, really hate needles and am prone to fainting as soon as I can feel them in my skin, which is obviously very uncomfortable for both me and the professional with the needle! I have recently been suffering some dental pain and I know it will be to do with some old fillings I have at the back of my mouth, which will need replacing. Is there a way to numb my mouth without painful injections and how do I go about finding a dentist who can provide special treatment?

thank you for any help you can give Doctor

If you look up ‘The wand ‘ on google , then that will give you some information .
Also its possible to use a pre numbing gel on the gum before the injection starts .
The fainting problem is not uncommon , and there is a physiological reason for it as well as psychological .
Some people have a big drop in blood pressure when the needle goes in , which causes a faint .
At the dentist sometimes a bit of local anaesthetic with adrenaline gets into a bold vessel and cause a faint feeling , but that is often a one off .
If you are a fainter then there is a way to help overcome that at the dentist .
When you are in the chair you should be lying down with your head below your feet . You should concentrate on breathing normally through your nose without
overbreathing as that can help to make you feel faint .
You should have something in both hands and squeeze hard , that will help combat the fainting .
show the dentist this reply as some are not aware of this condition and how to avoid the fainting spell

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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