Can I Be Put To Sleep For An Extraction?
30th June 2016

So I've had to have a small needle before when I've had fillings and I still cried at this as I was so nervous. Now my dentist says I need to have a tooth out because it's pushing under another tooth. He says it will be very painful until I have it out. It hasn't been painful for months but today I woke up and my gums around the tooth were inflamed and it hurts and throbs. I'm so nervous about getting it out, like I'm 15, and started crying before I ran out last time. Would I be able to be put to sleep? This is really scary for me and I want to cry when I think about it. Thanks.

A. Hello. It sounds as if you may have an infection.You could ask to be referred to a facility for IV sedation, which is a good option for someone who is very anxious. You will not be aware of what is happening, but it's safe. Hope this helps, Jenny.

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