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Can I be put to sleep when I have my tooth extracted?

Hi  Dr maini …..could you help me please with my dentist phobia….im 46 and apart from being nagged by my wife about 2 yrs ago to go for a check up and clean I havent been since I was a kid at school.So was realy dreading it, I havent had a filling up till now was pleased to hear the denist say they were in great condition but would prob need a filling at some point in the future. Fast forward a year and a half maybe a part of my tooth on the middle upper side fell out …I couldn’t get in to see my dentist for 2 months so went to an emergency one to my horror said it needed to come out .He was willing to do it there and then …but I said I didn’t have enough money on me which I lied about not to have it done …he put a temp filling in to tied me over with ….im realy dreading going back to have it taken out and I havnt even booked it up yet for 2 months time.I was sweating ect about a check up and clean up what chance do I have having it taken out …is there a way I could be put out to sleep maybe or away I don’t see or hear anything

General anaesthesia has risk and only a few places can offer it .

Intravenous sedation in my mind us in a better consideration since it is much safer. .

Under this form of sedation you are not unconscious but very sedated. ( like a very drunk state but without the nauseous or headache after effects )

It is worth getting the bad tooth out as soon as possible since it will get harder as the tooth continues to rot. .

Good luck. .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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