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Can I Have All My Teeth Removed?

Hi. I have diabetes and have bad gum disease and wobbly teeth, so find it hard to eat properly. I’m very scared of dentists and gag and have also been sick the last time I went. I just want my teeth all taken out to stop this pain but have had no luck. Please help.

Hello, I can empathise with you as I have diabetes myself.
Unfortunately, this could have made your gum disease more aggressive and having repeated infections can affect your blood sugar control.
If you want to have some or all of your teeth out then you should see a dentist. It’s possible that you could be referred to a clinic or dental hospital to have IV sedation or a GA to have the teeth out.
If the dentist is not convinced that all of your teeth need to come out, then they may be able to give you options.
If it’s your front teeth that are loose then you need to consider whether you want to have immediate dentures to replace them, or have all the teeth out and wait for dentures.  I hope this helps a bit, Jenny.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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