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Can I have laughing gas instead of using a needle?

Iam a 35year old woman and been suffering with dental problems for the last couple of years. I really think that I need a lot of teeth out, however I suffer from bad dental phobia and am wondering does any dentist in the UK give laughing gas or do you have to go to a specialist? because theres no chance on earth that I am having a injection anywhere near me

The answer to your question is not so simple.
You are saying that you couldnt possibly have an injection , that suggests you may have a needle phobia as well as dental phobia
Gas used to be given for extractions as a full anaesthetic ,that option isnt available in a dental practice any more.
It is available in a hospital environment , but would usually be as an induction before the main anaesthetic.
Get an assessment from a dentist and discuss the available options,possibly to be referred for any extractions.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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