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Can I Have My Tooth Extracted Under General Anaesthetic?

Hi. Many of the questions here echo my own issues. I really fear the dentist. You said about finding a good, patient one, but my first was the best in his clinic and I was scared of him too. Went back years later and now my teeth are really bad, broken and miscoloured. Can I go somewhere, get completely knocked out, asleep and unaware, have what I have left taken out of my mouth then get some dentures? Not dental implants, good dentures I can take out and clean by hand at night. Brushing makes me gag and I need to fix this. I can’t smile and have no confidence at all. Please help. Anything with zero mouth pain. I can handle the arm needle that puts me to sleep. But nothing in my mouth.

Hello. Yes it would be possible to have all your teeth out under a general anesthetic in hospital. You would have to be referred by a dentist and also that your teeth are bad enough for the hospital to agree to do it.
If you are prepared to wait to have dentures after the extractions, then a dentist or a clinical dental tecnician could make the dentures for you. Hope this helps,  Jenny.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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