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Can the WAND help cure my fear of injections?

Hello Doctor,

I just wanted to ask a question about injections and in particular the WAND. My phobia stems from my fear of needles and I know if i could overcome this fear then I would be much happier with my dental health. I have heard of the WAND and it seems like a really good option for people like me but I just wondered do you know any clinics who use it in the North West? I am originally from Manchester but if I had to travel for treatment I definitely would.
I am not in the best of oral health and think that two teeth in particular need to come out, but of course you need an injection to do that, so any information you could give on a local dentist who could help with my dental problems and phobia would be really, really appreciated!

thank you very much for your time, and I hope you have a good day

Injection phobia is very common , and is a barrier to getting dental care for many people .
There may be someone on this site who is dental phobia certified , in the North West .
Googling in The Wand , will bring you to the distributors of the Wand , they are very nice people and may be able to give you the name of one of their clients who has one .
yes its a brilliant gadget once the patient has managed to get as far as allowing themselves to actually have an injection .
Some people have a general fear of injections anywhere in their body , fear of dental injections is actually easier to treat.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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