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Can you be put to sleep when having work carried out on your teeth?

Hi, my friend needs abit of work doing on her teeth but is so scared of going to the dentist could she be put to sleep for the work to be done please help thanks

Firstly Ill answer your question about being put to sleep to have treatment .
Its not legal to carry out General anaesthesia in a dental practice , but in some hospital settings its possible to have GA for Oral surgery if there is a valid reason . I.e impacted wisdom teeth , etc , or if a patient has multiple extractions , or is a severe dental phobic .
Some departments cater for special needs patients or those with disabilities where treatment isn’t possible without GA .
In practice there are dentists who do carry out IV sedation , some by themselves or with an anaesthetist .You would have to research to find who does this in your area .
For the majority of people this is an option that is a suitable alternative . The person is sedated to a level where they are not aware of what is happening , teeth are still made numb, and most people don’t remember anything afterwards , BUT you are not unconscious , and can still respond to commands .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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