Can you find me a good dentist to help with my problems and my fear?
16th June 2011

I need to find a dentist in Hampshire who is good with phobia and stressed clients. I have multiple problems and have actually stopped mixing with people because of the state of my mouth. I had a 7 part bridge 6 years ago which went badly wrong and I now have multiple rotten teeth and advanced gum disease. I am absolutely terrified and actually feel sick writing this. I know I cannot go on much longer with these problems but finding a dentist who can help gives me 'brain fog' . I am a pensioner but have looked into taking a loan out to pay for my treatment.

A. You have made a start by putting your thoughts on paper . You may be looking at having extensive treatment , but until you get an assessment you wont know exactly what it will cost or what the options are for you . Do you have anyone you can confide in who may be able to recommend a dentist ? If you can make the next step , it could be the pathway to being able to have a better life rather than turning inward because of this difficulty with your teeth . Jenny

Dental Phobia

Dr Jennifer Pinder

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