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Can you give me some advice to get over the dentist needle?

Hi there, I was recently sent your link when I emailed ”This Morning” concerning dental phobia, my original message to them was;

”Dear This Morning Team!

I’m a 26 year old female from Norfolk. I dont usually make a habit of contacting TV shows, but after seeing an article advertised on ‘fear of the dentists’ on your show, I thought I’d give it a go.. Also, this is phobia week so I have to reach out and try to get some help.

I have a somewhat extreme phobia of having dental treatment, and the appearance of my teeth certainly reflects this. It is dramatically affecting my day to day life, with the pain, lack of sleep, and the abscence of self confidence, which I used to have in bucket loads! I also believe it is hindering me in getting a new job, friends etc, as my appearance is suffering so much.. It gets me down everyday.

I do have an exellent, very patient dentist, I can only reccomend her highly, but it’s just impossible for me physically to have any treatment done as this phobia just stops me in my tracks. The furthest I’ve been able to go recently in the way of treatment is the injection to numb my mouth, after this I nearly fainted and went home feeling rather ill. Everyone said how brave I was to get that far, but it’s frustrating and upsetting when your mind/body wont let you continue.

I have been to my GP with the hope that they may offer some sort of help with dealing with this mental issue, but all i’m offered is medication to take on the day, which is useless to me. I realise ” no one likes going to the dentists ” which is what I’m consistantly told, but it’s alot more than that for me. I’m starting to feel very helpless with this situation. I have also been told by my dentist that I have TJD syndrome, which affects all the muscles around my face, jaw and head due to the problems with my teeth.. This is causing me all sorts of painful problems, sometimes it can be unbareable.

It was so inspirational to see a gentleman on your program today get over his spider phobia so quickly, I nearly cried wishing someone could do the same for my problem. it would make such a huge difference to my life. I know there is hypnotherapists available, but i simply cant afford to seek their lengthly treatments. I’m appauled nothing exists for people like me on the NHS, or if there is, I’m certainly not aware of it.

I realise you must get a lot people asking for help but I hope by sending this email somebody will sympathise with my situation, and give me some much needed advice. I would be eternally grateful, as I dont know where else I can turn.

Thanks so much for your time, I’m a huge fan of the show!

From Shelley R.” (end)

My reason for contacting you today, as you can tell this fear is ruling and ruining my life and i desperately need to know if any sort of hypnotherapy is available on the NHS. Even as I type this I am in severe pain with my teeth/head/jaw so I’m becoming quite frustrated and anxiouse as to what to do. Please can you give me some neede advice, thanks so much..

You have done very well getting to having an injection .
Hypnotherapy is one possibility , but I can suggest some others .

Contact your Primary Care Trust and ask to be put in touch with the nearest Special Care dentistry in the Community Service .
They treat people with difficulty having dental care , including phobics
Another source of help might be to ask your Dr for referral to a CBT Therapist.
Finding out what it is that stops you going through with treatment after the injection may take time

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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