Could I get a general anaesthetic for my root canal?
16th August 2011

Hi, I have been suffering with terrible pain in my top left hand side for a long time now and recently to top it off part of my tooth fell out. Lately it's just getting worse and worse, including swelling and a lot of pain. I presume I've got an abscess and will need root canal treatment, however I'm EXTREMELY scared of dentists and whilst I understand that general anaesthetic is available for extraction, do dentists offer it for the canal treatment too?

A. Dear Sir/madam Thank you for your enquiry. Should the tooth be restorable, root canal treatment can be undertaken with iv sedation which makes it easy for you and the treating dentist. In fact, there are very very few patients in my experience who need a general anaesthetic. I am not aware of anywhere that offers to do root canals under general anaesthetic in the UK. If you are in London and wish to look into treatment under intravenous sedation administered by an expert anaesthetist please feel free to contact my office on 020 7580. 1553. Dr Simon Nery

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