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Could I have veneers on the NHS due to trauma?

As a child I got my 2 front teeth knocked and as a result I was left with a large breakage on both teeth and open nerves. I had them capped with a filler, but ever since the filler has chipped or broken off every few years or so. I also had extra filler attached to the caps to fill in a slight gap which has always been in my teeth, as I was very self-conscious about it and regularly taunted. This has led to a really deep seeded fear growing inside me. The caps are a pain and as a child I was told once 18, I should have veneers and my dentist recently suggested this also. However I do not have the money to fund this kind of procedure. As the veneers would be to correct the results of dental trauma, would I be able to have the procedure on the NHS?

Im sorry you have had to cope with this traumatic situation .
It does sound as if you need to have something more permanent done to the teeth .
Whether its veneers or crowns depends on how much tooth is missing on each one .
You may be able to find a dentist to do this on the Nhs , its very much down to the individual dentist to decide .
However what the NHS pays for this work is very limited , and there will not be much to fund the laboratory costs of the veneers , so quality and aesthetics may be an issue .
Unfortunately a dentist gets the same amount of money if they do one veneer or two , and they have to pay the lab costs out of that .
Is there any possibility that you could save up for these , or find the funding for them from somewhere in the future ?
The extra filler attached to change a gap was definitely a cosmetic procedure , although the bonded bits were for the trauma.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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