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Could you tell me about the WAND treatment as I’m scared of needles?


could you give me any information on the WAND treatment? I really dislike injections of any kind, but especially hate injections in my mouth, which have embarrassingly made me throw up before! How painless is the WAND really and could you give anymore information on it? I am in need of a filling for a tooth at the back of my mouth which is causing me much pain and I know i’m going to need some kind of anesthesia, if i can have it painlessly that would be brilliant.

thank you very much

When I give painless injections for patients the first thing I do is to put some numbing gel on a cotton roll on the injection site .
I use the wand . It has a very fine needle on a long thin plastic tube . This is connected to a computer controlled gadget which drips the solution in very slowly at first .
It isn’t the needle going in that causes pain , but the solution being pushed in too fast . Years ago a dentist did that to me and I vowed I would always give others an injection as free of discomfort as possible .
After the first few seconds the track in front of the needle is numb and the delivery of the injection is speeded up . The clear plastic tube is not like peoples imaginings of a big syringe and needle .
To help you overcome the feeling sick , it can help to be lying down with your head above your feet , and squeezing something soft in both hands to distract yourself .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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