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Dental treatment dangerous for pregnant woman?

hello, I’m a hypnotherapist and I have a client with dental anxiety, she is in need of treatment but she is 7 months pregnant. I am wondering if I can get her to visit the dentist would a local anaesthetic be dangerous for the baby at all? I don’t know if this will work or that the dentist will actually treat her so any advice would be greatly recieved

Hello .
There is no contraindication to her having the standard local anaesthetic . There is one sort that is contra-indicated , but its not the usual choice .
Mainly its best that a patient doesn’t have amalgam fillings removed during pregnancy, unless under a rubber sheeting called rubber dam .
Lying in the chair can be uncomfortable with heavy pregnancy .
hypnotherapy sounds like an excellent drug free way of helping her .
Probably only have the really needed stuff done before the babys due , then have the rest after .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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