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Do I Have a Right to Have All My Teeth Removed?

Hi, I have had all my back teeth removed. I have several fillings. I am losing one at the front due to receding gum and I also have one at the front that sticks out! This knocks my self confidence. Also the fact that my teeth are stained doesn’t help my confidence! I asked to have whitening done but my dentist said that’s not what my teeth need. I quite frequently suffer with toothache and it’s all really getting me down now. I asked my dentist if I could have all my teeth removed and have dentures and all I got was no! Do I have a right to have all my teeth removed at my request? Could you please give me some advice on what I can do?

You know you have some things that need doing, including a front tooth needing to be removed, so you will need something to replace that.
Whitening is only done when everything is healthy.
The staining issue means that you probably need some professional cleaning, which would help to make your teeth look better.
I haven’t seen them so I’m not sure what the condition of the others is. You have the right to have your teeth removed if that is what you really want. But no dentist has to do something that they don’t feel is the right thing to do .
If the rest of your teeth are in reasonable condition or could be treated then it might not be the right thing to do to take them all out.
However, I suggest you seek a second opinion before anything else is done. Hope this helps, Jenny.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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