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Do I need dental implants?

Hello! I am 21 and for a long time my oral hygiene hasn’t been very good if not just awful, I eat an drink a lot of sugary foods and I drink a fair bit of alcohol, I do not smoke though :) I’m starting to notice my bottom teeth are feeling very weak within the gum and I’m doing my best to save them e.g electric tooth brush, mouth wash designed for gum repair but it does not appear to be working :( I’m training to be an actor and as you know it’s all about the appearance with fame and I was wondering how much it costs to get a single tooth implant on my bottom front teeth? Or possibly to get the entire bottom front row done!? I’m very worried about the implants failing completely :( please help me!!! Thank you

Your first paragraph contains the answer to your dental problems .
Without making the changes in your habits your dental health is doomed !
You wont be eligible for implants anyway , you may not be able to afford them and be condemned to dentures , not great for an aspiring actor who needs to look good .
Qustions to ask yourself .
Why is my oral hygiene not very good ? after all its you that carries it out .
What advice on home care do you need , and where could you get it from . Perhaps start by visiting a dental hygienist , its now possible to see one without seeing a dentist first . Look for online resources . .
The mouthwash you mention does NOT treat gum disease thats very misleading . Good oral hygiene and plaque removal with an electric toothbrush , possibly floss or tepe interdental brushes , and proper professional regular cleaning will keep your teeth healthy .
The mouthwash I think you mean also causes staining , very unpleasant looking and very difficult to get rid of in some people .
If you must use one of this type then CURASEPT does the same thing without staining .
Sugar reduction is a change in behaviour , look at labels for carbohyrate counts , become aware of the sugar content of stuff like juices .
cut it down slowly and your taste buds will gradually adapt to less sweetness .
The alcohol problem may be just that at night you go to bed without a teeth cleaning ?

The answer is in your hands , prevention is possible and better than repair .
which teeth do you want to keep ?????

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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