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Do I seriously need to have an oral dam? I don’t think I can cope with having one

Im told and have talked through very carefully with the dentist, that I need a crown on my lower left lateral incisor. I have a very good dentist to whose surgery I moved to last year in a bid to get over my phobia, who is very nice and makes me feel comfortable. as such I trust him and have agreed to go through with the procedure as planned. …as planned, when he was talking me through it I heard him say he was going to use a ‘dam’ now I didn’t consider this when he said it- I didn’t pick up on it until a few days later. I then researched what an oral dam is and what its used for (dental purpose) , put simply I cant have that thing! no way. I have asked on here without yet consulting my dentist because I want to go to him knowing my options I didn’t want him to think I was backing out and misplace his trust that would make it much worse id rather say “can we do this instead?” sort of thing? do I have to have it? and what are therefore the alternatives if there are any

Please don’t worry – ask your dentist if he or she is OK to do the work without the dam and I am sure he can find a way around it if necessary it’s not an integral part of the procedure. He should understand your concern and will not mind being asked im sure.

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Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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