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Does numbing gel remove the need for needles?

Hello Simon.. I have had dental phobia all my life, it wasn’t as bad as a child as I didn’t get much choice no matter how I hated it the thing is that now I have that slight choice of having my own responsibility I tend not to want to go and as such haven’t for just over a year!!!! I feel terrible for this and keep meaning to go but its the ‘join the gym at the end of this month’ type thing where the end of the month never comes. I have like a shallow ache in one of my teeth. If i have numbing gel does that mean I wont have to have an injection? because the only thing that surpasses my fear of the dentist is the fear of needles. please help.

Hello – thank you for your detailed message.

You mentioned you have not been for just over a year , which suggests that you are able to go but just don’t want to,
The important thing to realise is that you are in complete control of what happens when you see the dentist – they are not allowed to do anything without your consent. Therefore if you were to go to see the dentist and make it clear that you only want them to have a look at your teeth and let you know what they think, then that is all they can do.

May I suggest you just book an appointment and see what the problem is. You can then also ask the dentist about using the numbing gel and any other questions you may have – but remember you are under no obligation to have treatment just because you have sat in the chair. If you do not feel happy to have treatment you are within your rights to decline any treatment that might be suggested and seek an alternative dentist.

I hope this is helpful – I am sure you will be fine.


Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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