Does numbing gel work, as I need 3 teeth out.
22nd July 2011

Hello and thanks for taking the time to read my email. ok i was told by the bham dental hospital that i ahve to have 3 baby teeth extracted in order for my adult teeth to come through and im very anxious about this.i want the dentist to use the numbing gel but people say the dentist i go to they don't use it as they feel their is no need but am absolute dental phobic and i hate injections and my their any sort of cream i could get to numb my gums myself before the shot? I hope you can answer.

A. Hello. Its widely accepted to use numbing gels these days, I always use it . some dentists say that it doesnt do anything , but the gel that contains 20 % Benzocaine does work . Its not possible to get an effective numbing gel over the counter . Find a dentist that does use it if necessary if it will help you have the injections and get your treatment on the way. Hope you find a route to success.

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