Frightened of injections and I need root canal treatment. Where can I get numbing gel?
22nd July 2011

i need to have a root canal done on the top back tooth, too too frightened of injection, having heard of the numbing gel. how safe is it and where can i buy it from. pls help just thinking about this is giving me the shivers, how can i breath, will my top section of my mouth swell up . i have had bed very bad experience with needles which is why is there any other way i can have this done.

A. Hello Im sorry you have such a problem with being afraid of injections . Numbing gel is to numb the gum before the injection is given to help make it painless , so its not enough for doing the root canal treatment . Its only available to dental professionals or medical . A sensitive dentist should be able to do this without causing pain . Usually just your cheek next to the tooth feels numb and your mouth will not swell . You will be able to breathe . Something called rubber dam which is like a rubber sheeting which protects your airway can be used with a small clip over the tooth . Lots of people find that very helpful . If you want to keep your tooth then you will need to be able to have the numbing with an injection . Jenny

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