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Having had no bad experiences or particular fears why am I scared of the dentist?

I have been very confused about dentists.I have not done anything wrong or had a bad experience as a child and it cant be the drill because I have never had it. I have been to different dentist- even in different countries as I originally from America. the thing is I am not too bothered when I get into the treatment room because I accept I am there for a reason like at the doctors or opticians but the anxiety that I get before hand which peaks when I am in the waiting room is making me not want to go to the dentist at all, is there anything you could advise me on to get over this, I thought I should need a route cause of concern but I haven’t particularly got one so I don’t know…
Thank you for reading this as I try to establish a solution.

have a think about what your internal conversation is saying when you are on the way to the appointment .Are you saying negative things which are fuelling your anxiety?
try to regulate your breathing , and it might help to distract yourself by reading or listening to some favourite music on an i- pod .
It may be best to get there exactly at the appointment time

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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