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How can I deal with my dental phobia?

Hi there I have a really big fear of the dentist ever since I had a really bad experience when I was 14. I’m 27 now and my teeth are in a really bad state some have crumbled away and some are broken. I have had a dental abscess for sometime and I’ve just been taking pain killers to mask the pain but now I can’t take it much more, but I’m still scared of seeing a dentist. I’m scared of being in that chair and being judged for how bad my teeth are. But, I’m also worried I won’t be able to afford the treatment done I didn’t know where to start but I came across this website and thought this could be a good place to start for advice and guidance on what to do, thank you.

Hello,  It sounds as if you have reached the tipping point where you HAVE to do something .
The best way forward might be to ask for an emergency appointment to deal with your pain . Its possible that the dentist will be able to look at you , and you will at least be able to get through making an appointment , keeping an appointment . getting into the practice , and letting the dentist have a look .
Its possible that you may be given antibiotics for your infection at first .
That doesn’t commit you to anything else , but will get you started and out of pain .
Then you can look at how you want to proceed .
The idea of being judged is one that is your way of thinking , Its not down to the dentist to judge or not , they don’t know what your story is , or you as a person nobody deliberately chooses to have a dental phobia .
Different dentists charge different fees , there is NHS and private , so there should be one to suit your budget . If you are on benefits its free .
You can choose what you want to have done and the pace at which it is to be done , its your right to do that .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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