How Can I Find a Dentist Who Helps Nervous Patients?
29th February 2016

I am unemployed at the moment and very nervous about seeing a dentist, but I can't smile as I have teeth missing and I have lost confidence. How can I find a patient dentist that would take me on as a patient? 

A. I'm sorry to hear this, it must be knocking your confidence. You can access NHS Dentistry without having to pay if your benefits give you that. I suggest you have a look at where there are lots of people like yourself and there are recommendations for dentists who have been patient. Or ask around people who do go to the dentist. I know it's difficult if you feel bad about yourself, but there are many people out there who have anxiety at different levels about dentistry. Tell the receptionist when you book that you are extremely nervous and is there anyone who is good with nervous patients. I hope this helps, Jenny.

Dental Phobia

Dr Jennifer Pinder

Bupa Dental Centre 77 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3QQ

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