How Can I Get All My Teeth Replaced with Dentures?
8th August 2016

Hi. I'm 20 and most of my teeth are healthy but some are not. I want them all gone and in their place dentures.  How would I go about this?

A. Firstly, please assess why you want to get rid of your teeth, including the healthy ones? Is it to avoid further dental treatment? Do you hate the appearance?  Have you seen a dentist to know exactly what the state of each tooth is? Having all your healthy teeth out is a very drastic step. It's likely that you would have difficulty getting any dentist to carry this out. What if you had major problems having the teeth out, what if you couldn't get on with dentures?  If anyone did agree to do this, then you would either have to go without teeth at all for a few months, or have immediate dentures, which if all the teeth were removed, would not fit well and be a nightmare . I've had this request before and for people who have advanced gum disease or much tooth decay it can be a legitimate thing to consider, or there is no option for them. So what you are seeking is not a realistic option and you need to talk this through with a health professional. 

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Dr Jennifer Pinder

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