How can I get over my fear of needles for my root canal?
22nd July 2011

hello doctor, i have never liked the dentist at all! and after a recent visit my dentist tells me that i need root canal treatment, which i know will involve needles. I really, really hate needles and i wonder if there are any options for helping me deal with the pain of needles? I know that i need the treatment but just the thought of a massive needle sticking into my gum just makes me feel physically sick! thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope to hear from you soon

A. if you are to have dental treatment then getting over the needle fear is essential There is a numbing gel that can be used on the gum The discomfort from an injection is not from the needle going in but from the solution being injected. If given slowly it's often painless. Your thoughts about it are worse than the experience will be Sedative medication can help ,as can trying to manage the negative thoughts Have a look at or for detailed advice about needle phobias

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