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How can I get over my traumatic dental experience as a child?

When I was about 9 years old I nearly died from a visit to the dentist. It was the days when Gas was administered and he took 6 teeth out at once, and a part of one of them became lodged in my throat. I ended up with a nasty taste/fluid in my mouth. Couldn’t eat/drink for ages after. When after 4 days no different, The dentist told my mom to take me home and ignore me I was making it up. My doctor told my mom if she had left me any longer I would have died. That’s why I hate dentists .

This is a very traumatic incident happening at an age when the memory is retained in your mind , some people refer to that as PTDA ,
Post Traumatic Dental Anxiety makes people avoid going to the dentist ,
However you need help to overcome this .

To get started .
1. You hate the dentist who caused this incident , not all dentists , there are nice kind competent ones out there .
2.just take one step at a time , look for a suitable dentist , and only go with a view to having your teeth looked at and finding out what condition they are in .That begins the process of desensitisation .
3 this will provoke anxiety that’s inevitable , but there are ways to help with this . Tell the dentist about your traumatic experience , but try not to feel hostile it as not the current dentists fault.
4 if you contact me off list on .ill give you a free code for a virtual dental anxiety programme to help with relaxation and the traumatic thoughts which are there .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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