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How can I overcome my fear and get impressions completed?

I have had a lot of dental work over the last year and managed to get through – albeit nervous most times. My last stage is for my dentist to take impressions, I have tried twice and had major panic attacks on both occasions so no impresssions as yet! My gp gave me a 10mg beta blocker which did not really help. I have had impressions take in the past, always nervous but managed. I dont know how to get through this, my dentist said he would give it one last try and if i didnt relax he couldnt complete the treatment. Help, its got worse and I cannot bear the thought of having my mouth open for 2 minutes or so with all this gunk in, I dont know why this has happened. I feel as if im not in control, or, im going to choke or die, its the most dreadful feeling. I have asked for sedation but my dentist says he cant for impressions. Thank you for your time in reading this, im an intelligent 61 year women and this is making me feel so awful!

I dont think a beta blocker is a useful thing in this situation .
If you were to have any medication then a 10 mgm diazepam tablet (valium ) taken 40 minutes before the procedure would be a better choice .
Its possible to have relative Analgesia ( nitrous Oxide / Oxygen ) which suppresses the gag reflex , for impressions , and it is possible to have IV sedation , possibly the dentist doesnt do those techniques .
However its much easier to be able have it done without .
Ill tell you what I do and have got some really bad gaggers through the procedure .
talk through the panic problem . You have done this successfully in the past , what was it about those times that helped you get through it ?
Your thoughts are now telling you that you cant bear it , but you have successfully before .
Its likely that your expectation is now that you wont be able to do it and that could be a self fulfilling prophecy . Im not sure whether you have had panic attacks in other situations , but controlling your breathing , knowing that you will not choke or stop breathing.
yes it may be two minutes , but its ONLY 2 minutes , and keep thinking you want to have the treatment done rather than have to abandon it .
A useful site for these fears is that of Anxiety UK , which gives help how to control panic .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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