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How can I overcome my huge irrational fear of the dentist?

I have a massive fear of dentists, I have used in excess of ten dentists and had problems with most and had serious issues with at least 4, I am now petrified of the dentist and also petrified of needles with an impacted wisdom tooth that is already black as it comes through. I am 27 and the tooth in recent months has started causing considerable pain but I would rather live with the pain than get it sorted. I however have a supportive family and for that reason I am seeing if there is any help at all I can get and if so what it would be? I literally have got to the point now where even walking in a dental surgery reception would be too difficult.

I think you may need some form of psychological help for this phobia , and perhaps you could ask your Dr to refer you for some Cognitive Behaviour Therapy .You sound as if you have trust issues with dentists which makes you keep seeking the perfect one .Try to sort out what it is that makes every dentist a negative experience and in particular what the serious issues of four of them were .Writing it down will help ,and you may find some patterns .There are nice kind dentists out there.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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