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How can I overcome my lifelong fear of the dentist?

I am 67 year old man and have had a fear of the dentist all my life. I am now at the point where my teeth are crumbling and I cant eat hard things. There is some pain too but not unbearable. As an old man set in his ways how can I get myself some help? My daughter doesn’t know how to help me and I want to enjoy my old age not feel down in the dumps. Many thanks for your time.

well its not too late to get some help .Its also good that you have acknowledged that you have a problem and that the inability to eat properly is blighting your life .
Of course without doing anything this can only get worse .
I dont know your circumstances so can only give general advice .
It sounds as if you may need to get some teeth out and possibly get some replacement teeth of some sort .
For a person set in his ways getting onto the Internet and plucking up courage to ask this question is a step forward , so you can make the next step .
That will be to ask around your friends / family to help you find a dentist who is sensitive to your plight .
I suggest you look at to find out dentists other people have had success with .
Seeing a dentist will help you find out what would have to be done and how you could be helped .
Share this with your daughter to give you the support you need .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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