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How can I overcome my phobia of the dentist for my daughter’s wedding?

Hello Dr,
I am 67 years old and very fearful of going to the dentist. I had bad experiences as a child and in my early adulthood which put me off for life.I have never been that bothered and have been quite lucky that I have never had awful pain or anything. On the other hand my teeth look awful and my daughter has taken me to one side and asked me to get them sorted out for her wedding. Part of me wants to make her happy but a larger part of me knows I won’t be able to go through with it. I am not sure what to do and wondered if you could advise me at all?

Family weddings are one of the biggest motivating factors for getting people to face up to their fears .
You have actually started to do that .
Youve got this two way tug . To make your daughter happy , and indeed if you can imagine yourself with nice teeth smiling in her photos you will make yourself happy .
You say that you know you wont be able to go through with it based on your past experiences.
The best thing would be to look on . there may be a dentist recommended by other people who have got help who is in your area .
Go and have a consultation , that wont commit you to anything but get you started by finding out exactly whats needed to get you a better smile .
I offer access to a special online programme called Cyberpsyc. It helps tackle the psychological basis of your anxiety , your unhelpful thoughts , teaches you relaxation , and introduces you to a virtual dental surgery , so that you get a start before your consultation .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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