How do i get over my fears so I can get my broken tooth fixed?
19th July 2011

i am terrified of dentists i cannot walk into a dentists im finding it really hard to write this to when i think of dentists i feels sick i want to cry and i wish i nva had teeth, i dont know what to do my friends hav offered to take my kids for check ups, my 1yr old fell onto my face while playing and she broke my tooth it dont hurt only hurts my tongue i been trying to find my own ways to smooth it down but no luck as of yet i knw i need major work i was transferred to my local hospital but kept puttin appointments off i was just too scared please help i knw my teeth need major work, i hate needles i do know where my phobia comes from and i dont know if i can over come it

A. I know it will be difficult but the fear will have to be faced if you are to move forward Fear is a very uncomfortable emotion but if you can just get yourself to an Appointment that will be a first step in conquering it What do you think might help? Make a list of your fears and take it with you . It can help to jot down what things you are ok with and what is a problem For example some people don't mind injections but hate the drill look for a dentist who understands anxious patients

Dental Phobia

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