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How Do I Go About Getting an Appointment in Manchester?

Hi there,

I am 31 years old and suffer from none epileptic seizures disorder. When I lived in London I went to a NHS dentist who referred me to a specialist  dentist and when there, he could see 3 wisdom teeth broken off in my gums and a number of other issues with my teeth. I am so scared of having people touching me due to things that happened as a child and my ex partner beating me up. The dentist said he would have to put me under GA to do all the work safely as I had a fit once I was that scared in the chair.

As I waited to hear from the hospital about going there, I moved away and now don’t have a dentist near me in Manchester and I am in so much pain I can’t sleep. How would I go about getting the ball rolling at the Manchester dental hospital to get all my teeth removed and false teeth instead? Just typing this message to you is making me shake.

I’m very sorry you have these difficulties.You may need to see a general dentist to get a referral to have teeth out at the hospital. They may be able remove your teeth, but a general dentist will have to make the false ones after they have gone.
An alternative might be to find your local community dentist as you may come under special needs because of your dental phobia and the reason for it. I recommend you look at there are some resources there to help people who have had abuse and the difficulties that causes them with dental care.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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