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How long does a tooth extraction take?

Over the last two weeks, after a piece of filling dropped out, my tooth has become increasingly painful – coming and going in waves. Being dental phobic – I approached my dentist (after six years) He took a quick look at my tooth and said – basically, I had two choices – root canal work or extraction. He seemed hurried and said I had only ten minutes to make my mind up (I had taken a cancellation appointment). He said root canal work had no guarantee on this tooth, and extraction may not be straightforward. He suggested referal to a local NHS specialist clinic that offered sedation. However he said I might have to wait several weeks for an appointment. I felt, frankly, he was in a hurry to get rid of me. I am not keen on sedation – don’t like feeling out of control in any way. In the meantime I have approached another private dentist who – according to their website – offer a very supportive service to people like myself. I am on antibiotics (which I had to ask my original dentist for) and he has applied some temporary filling to protect the tooth a bit from eating and drinking etc. I am booked in to see the new dentist next week – my question is – typically how long does a tooth extraction take? Ive read and heard about a few horror stories. My husband had a tooth extraction a few weeks ago and has tried to reassure me by saying ‘ it was done in moments’ and then the pain is gone. Are most extractions straightforward and quick? The tooth that needs to come out is on the bottom at the side – the third tooth from the left hand front one (you can tell I’m not a dentist!)

Im glad you didn’t give in to being rushed .
Perhaps the new dentist could offer you some form of oral sedation to take before the extraction appointment ?
Extractions do vary in difficulty depending on several factors . Its usually very quick , but sometimes a dentist doesn’t really know till they actually do the procedure how long it will take .
The main thing is to be well numbed , expect no pain , but you will feel some pressure .
People do love to tell you their horror stories , but the majority of extractions are straightforward and pain free .
tell the dentist how you are feeling and do ask about sedative options to help with your anxiety .Hopefully if its private their should be more time to discuss things

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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