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How will they keep my mouth open securely during treatment?

I used to have Dental Phobia but not extreme more of an extreme anxiety/heightened sense so to speak. anyway I used this site for two or three queries I had at the time and found your and Dr Nery’s advise really helpful, coupled with a good CBT treatment helped identify and eliminate my anxiety. However, I now need an extraction and guess what- bottoms fallen out my world! im not like I was before problem is im now taking a somewhat (slightly) rational view of it. in being sedated how will they be able to keep my mouth open as the jaw is strong no? im worried now that I wont be able to be put out, I can quite happily be in the dentist chair for check ups and whatnot but this is my first proper treatment so to speak. will I be able to be put out for an extraction (not bothered how) and how will they keep my mouth open securely?

Thats really great that you have made such progress , and its excellent that this site has helped you .
If you are having IV SEDATION ,then your jaw will relax enough to allow access for the extraction to be done .
The dentist will have experience of all sorts of people with jaws large and small having teeth out with sedation .
Im sure you will manage this , dont think beyond the nice feeling you will have as the sedative medication gets to work , when you become aware again the tooth will be gone never to come back .
hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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