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I also suffer from emetophobia

I also suffer from emetophobia and I have found that on my last several trips to the dentist for treatment some years ago that each time I went I then suffered with some sort of gastro problem including sickness within a week of the dental treatment. This has subsequently made it impossible for me to visit the dentist due to the combined dental and vomiting phobia. Is there anything I can take to prevent the infection causing vomiting?Thanks for your help and I look forward to your reply

Its unlikely that you would have picked a gastric infection from the dental visit , and even more unlikely that it would have happened several times ..
In your mind this has become linked with your emetophobia .
You have two different problems , fear of the dentist , and fear of being sick .
Have you ever been sick or gagged at the dentist ?
I recommend you look at the website of ANXIETY UK , where they have excellent resources for emetophobia , and about CBT.
If its your belief that the vomiting is due to something at the dentist , this is what is called an irrational belief which may be helping to re-inforce the dental avoidance .
Hope this is food for thought

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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