I am 15 but still have some baby teeth, what should I do?
11th July 2011

Hello my name is martin and i am 15 years old. i still have some baby teeth but they are loose and i havent gone to the dentists in 2 years. i also have two extra teeth behind my two front teeth. what procedures must i go through? will it hurt?

A. Hello Martin First step is to go to the dentist to have an assessment of your teeth . The baby teeth may fall out by themselves , although it is quite late for them to still be there . If you need straightening treatment , or the extra teeth removed , then the dentist will talk you through whats needed , so that you and your parents can choose what is best for you . Its possible to have teeth out with some form of sedative if you are very nervous of just having the gum numbed . A mixture of gas and air called Relative Analgesia can be a very helpful conscious sedation technique to ask about , although you have to search for a dentist who does it . Good luck in getting your teeth sorted out

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