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I am 35 and have severe dental phobia

I am 35 and I have a severe dental phobia, social anxiety and recently diagnosed with CFS/ME. I only can get out of the house around once a month. My teeth are in a terrible state as I have never been to a dentist. I have horse teeth as in very big and long. All my top ones are covered in severe decay and I have resorted to filling them myself. I have 2 eye teeth firmly stuck high in my gums. My bottom teeth were ok but have this past month rapidly started receding. I brush my teeth 3x a day, once with a soft brush, twice with an electric toothbrush, I use 3 different toothpastes, I floss, I used a waterpik and a sensitive alcohol free mouthwash and still my teeth are a state. I have a 9 month wait to see a dentist in this area and as I have such a severe phobia and ME/CFS I can’t go regularly as virtually housebound. I am at a loss and am at the point of ending because it all feels to much to cope with. I have no friends and no life because of my teeth and ill health.

Thank you for having the courage to contact me .
I am worried about the state of mind that you are in ,I wonder if you would feel able to e- mail me privately on my own address .
If I know where you live then I can see if I could source some help for you to get started.
Keep using all the Oral cleaning aids so that your bottom teeth remain as healthy as possible , receding gums are not necessarily a problem on their own .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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