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I am a nervous patient

I have a complicated long procedure ahead of me first thing on Monday morning. It’s now Friday evening and I’m worried that the dentist may have given me the wrong thing to relax me. He’s given me 20 mg temazepam to be taken one hour before the appointment because I am such a nervous patient. Never taken this before, do not want to sleep just want to be able to take the edge off my nerves as I normally feel sick and palpitations

20 mgm of temazepam should do what you would like and take the edge off your nerves before the procedure . Its stronger than diazepam .
I use this technique amongst others and its effective . However every patient is different , some people are really drowsy , others just have enough effect from it to cope better with the procedure
Hope this helps and good luck for Monday

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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