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I am addicted to drinking fizzy drinks

I am 35 years old and my teeth are are in a terrible way. I have been drinking cola addictivley since I was 13 I suffer mental health problems caused by childhood trauma and cola is the one thing i can not seem to let go of.. I have tried many times. I am petrified of going to the dentist. I was never really taken as a child and from there a fear grew. Last year I finally managed to gain trust in a particular dentist and he was able to keep me calm to go back on a regular basis. My appointments became 1 to hour sittings and the start of root canals and crown fittings started. I also had impressions done. The thought of going back to have any of this finished sickend but I went back to find that This certain dentist has left, I never continued to have this work completed and just the thought is terrifying me to the point im shaking as I type this BUT I am in such pain 90% of the time I can not use 1 side of my mouth and the other I use at my own risk. I appreciate this is my own fault, and am having to take the strongest painkillers that my pharmacy sell every 2 hours. I feel the only way I may be able to sort this once and for all is if im asleep or unaware of what is happening. I am so desperate for advice especially as I’m hiding my fear from my 10 and 11 year old sons because I never want them to be scared and go through the same or similar situations. Thank you for your time.

Hello, firstly none of this is your own fault , its easy to blame yourself . You have had a very difficult series of experiences , and suffered trauma .
Of course Cola addiction is a factor , but thats part of your way of coping . However that strategy for coping may not be serving you well now .
Make a list of what was successful with the dentist that you trusted , what helped you to get started on some complex treatment .
This question is a small positive step to getting back on track .
You are in pain , and the very least you could do would be to find an emergency dentist that could give you some antibiotics to defuse the crisis , and get you off taking the strong painkillers . You may risk another addiction to compound your problems .
Then look for another dentist , perhaps look at to see where others have had success in an area accessible to you .
I am concerned about the Coke addiction . The amount of sugar and acid in this will make your teeth decay faster , and any dental work will just continue to decay and break down and the time and emotional energy you have gone through will be wasted .
Its possible to have some treatments under IV sedation ( but not completely asleep , thats not available in a dental practice , or in a hospital or special clinic , and usually only for extractions .
It may be worth considering having some of the most damaged teeth extracted , and concentrating on saving the rest
take small steps , make a list of the steps you need to take next , and plan to act on the first one as a goal
I hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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