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I am afraid of needles

I think I have taken the top layer of one of my lower back molers off. My tongue is rubbing off a little sharp point and is starting to hurt. I’m worried about going to the dentist because i’m afraid of needles.
Do you think I will need to get an injection or will my dentist just need to file down the point? (Note: a small part of the back of my tooth is missing)


I cant speculate about what the dentist will do . However if there is a sharp point then often as an emergency measure it can be filed down a bit to smooth it off without a local anaesthetic .
However if the tooth needs a filling , or is very decayed , any treatment will involve making it numb first .
So go and get it looked at , and then ask your dentist how they can help you with your fear of the injection .
Injection phobia can take several forms , sometimes its needles anywhere , or often just dental ones .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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