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I am afraid to have sedation

Hi, I have extreme phobia of needles and dentists, dental equipment ect the whole lot. I recently had a check up after 17 years, it took me alot to do this and I had a nervous break down in the dentist, I got told i needed 3 fillings and that my wisdom tooth is coming through on a funny angle, not sure if its impacted or not. My dentist referred me to be sedated but there is no way under any circumstances i can be awake or even partly awake when having dental treatment done, not even sedated, i just cant do it. My anxiety and depression from knowing i need this treatment is to the max, I can’t cope with it, I need this done but i need to be asleep completely. I dont want to be in pain in the future with my teeth but i will have to if there is no way of me being put to sleep, I am so worried and nervous, i am currently on anti-depressants and diazepam for this and its not helping at all, i have lost so much weight, as i find it hard to eat now, cant sleep, always feeling sick to the stomach due to fear, it is getting too much for me, this is my last hope is being under GA. Please help
Thank you for your time. 

Hello .
Its possible to get a GA for extractions by being referred to a hospital or dental hospital .
Getting it for fillings is very difficult unless you fall into the category of special needs, which means learning disabilities or physical disabilities .
You say you are needle phobic ?
does that mean just dental needles ? for a GA or sedation the drugs are given with an injection in your arm .
Dont dismiss IV sedation out of hand especially as it is on offer for you .
Sedation takes you to a level of consciousness where you are safe , can still respond to being asked to open , but are not aware what is happening .
You wont be aware of having the injections in your gums or the drilling . The majority ( most ) people remember nothing at all about what has gone on  as you say the alternative is to continue on with pain and suffering , both with dental pain and emotional stress .
I have a couple of suggestions for you .
Go on to the website of Anxiety UK , there is lots of free stuff to help with injection phobia , and other things . They even offer help in finding a therapist and it can be free .
If you are on anti-depressants could your dr refer you to a clinical psychologist for some cognitive behaviour therapy ?
I do think it sounds as if you may need more help than just having pills to cope with the anxiety about all this .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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