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I am an anxious patient but mistakes at my practice made it worse, what should I do?

I have many anxieties related to dental treatment. I have lost most of my teeth because of this.
I finally found a dentist that I am comfortable enough to go to.
The other day I went for my “prophactic” visit. The hygienist started the visit by saying “so you are here for a denture adjustment”. Right off by not knowing why I was there set off my fear. I then found out that my dentist was not even there to answer some questions I had. I was told a different dentist would see me. This raised by level of anxiety to panic and I left without being seen. Now I am too embarrasesed to even go back. I am trying to figure out a way to get past this new development in my dental phobia. Is it unreasonable to ask that I have all treatments including cleaning be performed by the dentist that I feel somewhat comfortable

Im sorry that you had this unsettling experience.
You should be able to see any dentist that you choose to have as yours .
If you have been comfortable with the dentist you found then try to overcome your embarrassment and make another appointment with them .
But be very positive with the receptionist that you will only see that person , most dentists don’t like it when their patients are booked with someone else anyway .
Sometimes a denture adjustment could be done by another dentist to get you seen more quickly if your own dentist wasn’t there that day .
Some dentists do cleaning themselves , and some have a hygienist to do it .
I will do it myself for a few patients , but in general I feel that a hygienist does a better job as that is their speciality .
You have every right to ask these questions , you can do it politely but assertively , you are the customer after all !
Hoep this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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