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I am anxious and angry about how my fear of the dentist is ruining my smile. What can I do?

I’m 25 & I’m so terrified of the dentist just the thought of booking my self in for an appointment makes me shake & feel sick I haven’t seen a dentist for over 10 years & my teeth are really suffering for it , they have broken away I get really bad toothache for days on end & this still isn’t enough to make me go. I just don’t know how to get over this fear as I don’t actually know why or what I’m scared of. I get so angry with myself & find it so pathetic that I’ve let this phobia ruin my once lovely teeth I just need some advice on who I can go & talk to . I seen a hypnotherapist over a few month period & found it useless I just don’t see an end to this & it gets me so down … Please help me!

Im sorry you are feeling so anxious and bad about this .
have you got enough out of hypnotherapy to be able to relax yourself ?
A more useful tool for may may be A course of CBT , Cognitive Behaviour Therapy , your dr would be able to refer you for that .
At the moment its your thinking thats causing the emotional turmoil and not something thats actually happening to you .
research a dentist that maybe does sedation , as that may be what you need to get the treatment done
remember the first appointment is only for a look and to assess what the situation is .
Look at
and Anxiety Uk for access to affordable CBT
excellent book is Cognitive behaviour therapy for Dummies

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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