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I am dental phobic but no one believes me, help?

Hi I have a fear of the dentist and need help. My fears come from bad experiences such as having teeth removed and not being able to get numb, meaning i could feel every bit off it. To make things worse my parents dont believe me that iam scared of the dentist so i have no sympathy there. Iam only 14 which means i only have a few more check up til i dont have to ever go back again, please will you give me some advice to get me through the next couple of years?

I am really sorry to hear that you have had these problems, and you now have an understandable fear of the dentist. It is great that you appreciate the value of seeing the dentist, and you clearly understand that you need to overcome your fear to avoid having more serious problems with your oral health later on.

My advice is that you see if you can book a short appointment to speak to your dentist about this. Most dentists these days are sympathetic to nervous patients, and I am sure they will be keen to help you. If you live in a city centre it may be possible for him or her to refer you to the local dental hospital, which often have departments that help nervous patients. also you could see your doctor and discuss it with them – they may be able to refer you to someone such as a therapist who can help you with techniques to control your fear.

People who are nervous often feel embarrassed and that they are the only ones. Don’t worry, you are one of many and help is at hand. Please visit your doctor and dentist and see what help they can arrange for you.

Very best wishes


Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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