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I am diabetic, will this affect the success rate of root canal treatment?

Hello dr, What is the success rate of root canal treatment? I Am a diabetic. So any cuts made take longer to become healed. So I just wanted to know what would be better for me either root canal or tooth extraction ? Because if the root canal doesn’t work then i’ll have to go and have work on the same tooth again & again. That’s what i’m worrying about. Please suggest some advice for me…

Thanks for your time,

Your diabetes should not make any difference to the success of a root canal treatment .
This procedure has variable success rates depending whether the tooth has been alive , been dead , or long standing infection .
Modern root canal therapy done by a skilled operator competently has a very good rate of success
Its a decision you should make when the dentist has given you all the options as to whether you opt for root canal or extraction

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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